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The heart of Bread of Life Ministries is to see the whole Church come to the unity of the Spirit and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Over the millennia, the gentile church has separated herself from her Hebraic roots and has lost much of the richness, truths and insight of the Jewish apostles whose ministry and teaching formed the foundation of the New Testament Church. It is our hearts desire, that through sharing our teaching ministry with the Church that these truths may once again bring, joy, liberty, passion and understanding back to the Bride of Jesus and that we may all become mature in the knowledge of Him, in unity and in love.

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Training During Covid-19 Lockdown Update

As of the 1st of June 2020 churches have been granted permission to meet in groups of 50 or less. We will be holding multiple meetings for church members only at this time until restrictions are lifted and more folk can be accomodated in our services. The Sunday livestream will continue, however the time will change to 18:00 pm South African time. All are still most welcome to join in. Thursday Leadership Training continues at the same time, 19:00 (South African Time GMT +2hrs). For more information and links to these meetings please go to our Facebook page or YouTube channel. We are looking forward to conneting with old as well as new friends.